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    Exploding Soda Commercial Has Coke, Pepsi Nervous

    The spot was banned in the UK because it "denigrated the bottled drinks market." No matter, it's gone viral on YouTube.

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    The hard-hitting commercial is for SodaStream, an Israeli company selling at-home carbonated soda technology.

    The agency behind the spot is Common, headed by one the most recognized ad industry names, Alex Bogusky. Bogusky left his ad agency, cp+b, two years ago to become a consumer advocate.

    The ad was banned in Britain just hours before it was scheduled to start running. (I would bet some Big Soda big whigs had something to do with that.)

    What's particularly tasty about the commercial is that Coke is a former client of Bogusky's.

    Now today, SodaStream announced they will be running an ad (maybe this one?) during the Super Bowl, in February.

    Coke will, of course, also have spots airing during the game.