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Brad Pitt's New Chanel No. 5 TV Spot

Somebody please tell me he isn't trolling us with this cliche-filled hooey.

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It's yet another "un-ad" celebrity ad—a style that has been overused to death by luxury brands. The method makes the brand look cool, while also allowing the celebrity to not look like a complete sellout.

Pitt looks like he's just performing a screen test for the next Terrence Malick film, or something. Then, the casting agent sneakily sold the footage to Chanel.

Chanel has long featured movie stars in its adverts, including Audrey Tautou, Vanessa Paradis, and most famously, Nicole Kidman in what was reportedly the most expensive commercial ever produced.

But this is the first time that the brand has used a man to push one of their perfumes.

This could be an ad for anything, from a casino to an island vacation to Skype to...anything.

And, "Inevitable?"

Sorry, Chanel, the list still only includes death & taxes.

What do you think ladies, and men who might buy Chanel No. 5 for your ladies?

Director: Joe Wright.

UPDATE: Pitt got $7 million for that 30 seconds, according to WWD.

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