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20 Funny Cat GIFs

Because, Caturday. PLUS! One awesome dog GIF.

1. Hey Cat, Shine My Shoes.

2. Fish Bites Cat.

3. Get back Here, I'll Kick Yer Ass!

4. 3rd Cat In Wins.

5. Do You MIND?

6. Matrix Cats.

7. Sisyphus Cat.

8. Cat Bat-Back.

9. Arnold Sez: Never Neglect Your Side Delts.

10. Git Dafuq Outta Here.

11. Live Kitty Bank

12. myPad.

13. Slo-Mo Snow Cat.

14. Up high.

15. Slinky Cat.

16. Catception (Still One Of The Best).

17. Hep Cat.

18. Jam Cat.

19. Me, Every Day at BuzzFeed.

20. Parkour Cat.

21. Parkour Pup!

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