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10 Terrible Gym Ads

Hate gyms and resolutions? Here you go. One ad — the worst one — is NSFW-ish.

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This is truly unbelievable (nipples have been airbrushed out).

Try our workout. You'll be reborn — complete with umbilical cord! Push it, girl! No pain, no gain, baby! Ad agency: Road, Barcelona.


Hernia or orgasm?

Not a terrible concept, but I wanted to get at least one male-focused ad in here.

The O-face or _____-face idea is so tired, though.

Ad agency: Mortierbrigade, Brussels.


Not a gym ad, obviously, but close enough.

It was part of a campaign for Men's Health in Germany.

Get the double meaning of the headline?

The magazine is all about men, and the only reason women work out is "all about men." There were two more executions with very similar visuals.


The Circuit Factory in Dubai placed this ad promoting exercise classes on the gym's Facebook page, and then quickly took it down hours later.

Alternate copyranter headlines:

• 1.3 million drop-dead reasons to slim down inside!

• Feel the burn!

The gym's founder said he used the Auschwitz image because the classes are "like a calorie concentration camp."


These are the most unreadable gym ads ever.

Brazilian art directors are out of their fucking minds.

That flexed arm reads "macho" and the woman's ass reads "sexy."

What the ads are saying is that the man's a "chicken" on the inside, and the woman's boring. But that's not what people see.

Ad agency: DM9, Brazil.


Planet Fitness pulled the ad fast from YouTube after commenters bashed the shit out of it. I'd much rather work out in a gym full of Ms. Steroids Olympia contestants than a place where douchebag dudes doo-wop together in the showers, that's for sure.

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