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15 Family Fun Ideas To Liven Up That Bit Between Christmas And New Year

It's called "Twixmas", apparently.

1. Go geocaching.

2. Try baking something extravagant.

3. Do a massive puzzle.

4. Swap roles for a day.

5. Do something go to the library.

6. Find the positives in 2016.

7. Have an afternoon tea party.

8. Find a way to give back.

9. You could support a local cause.

10. Have a pre-spring clean and clear out the family wardrobes.

11. Or even just donate your time.

12. Make up for the lack of snow by going skiing!

13. Find out if it really will blend.

14. Go and check out your nearest National Trust site.

15. Make a dish that'll bring you some luck in the New Year.

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