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    13 Talent Show Eliminations That Should Not Have Happened

    Can you feel the snub tonight?

    1. Jennifer Hudson from American Idol


    Although she now has two Grammys, an Oscar, and is playing the iconic Aretha Franklin in the biographical film Respect, Jennifer Hudson never actually won American Idol. She was on the third season of the show, where she placed 7th. Luckily, Fantasia Barrino won that season, which somewhat avenged Jennifer Hudson’s shocking elimination.

    2. Brian Justin Crum from America’s Got Talent


    Brian Justin Crum sang Queen’s “Somebody to Love” during season 11. He also tackled Radiohead’s “Creep," which is arguably his best performance. Brian Justin Crum came in fourth place that season. It’s not that the acts he lost to are not talented, it’s just that his talent is more undeniable.

    3. Kennedy Holmes from The Voice


    The 13-year-old sang Adele’s “Turning Tables” and picked Jennifer Hudson as her coach. The video went viral and Kennedy Holmes instantly became a fan favorite. Some people even called her the next Whitney Houston due to her singing range, powerful vocals, and dance moves. Kennedy Holmes is the youngest contestant to ever make it to the finale on The Voice. Her fans were outraged when she placed fourth behind three country singers.

    4. Chris Daughtry from American Idol


    Even though Chris Daughtry is one of the most successful people to come off of American Idol, he was still robbed of his big win. His controversial elimination shocked the country. Chris Daughtry participated in season 2 of The Masked Singer, where he dressed as a Rottweiler. His fans were mad that he lost that show, too, but being runner-up kind of redeemed his American Idol fourth place finish.

    5. Kyla Jade from The Voice


    Another powerhouse with a big vocal range, Kyla Jade was the front runner for Team Blake Shelton during season 14 of The Voice. When she made it to the finale without any trouble, fans thought that she had the win in the bag. They were wrong, and Kyla Jade placed third.

    6. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon from American Idol


    Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon has such a unique singing tone that is comparable to that of Elton John and Billy Joel. But season 17 of American Idol had many one-of-a-kind singers of every music genre. Despite this, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon was thought to have a good chance of making the top three. His sixth place finish was surprising and came out of nowhere.

    7. V.Unbeatable from America’s Got Talent


    When dancing-acrobatic group V.Unbeatable set foot on America’s Got Talent in 2019, everyone claimed they would either win the show or lose to singer Kodi Lee. But no one expected them to place fourth, especially behind a comedian who barely made the top ten and a choir that sang their audition song during the finals. Luckily, V.Unbeatable is on America’s Got Talent: The Champions this year, where they have a good chance of being redeemed.

    8. MaKenzie Thomas from The Voice


    MaKenzie Thomas auditioned for season 15 of The Voice and turned the chair of coach Jennifer Hudson. During her time on the show, she matched the vocal abilities of songs by Jessie J, Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, Celion Dion, Mariah Carey, and others. Fans were more than outraged when MaKenzie Thomas had to sing in the instant save to make the top four finale, in which she lost.

    9. Adam Lambert from American Idol


    Everyone knows who Adam Lambert is, even if they’ve never watched American Idol. He never actually won the show. Adam Lambert was the runner-up of season 8. His loss resulted in a huge downfall in ratings and remains one of the most controversial American Idol snubs to this day. Now he tours with the band Queen and is their lead vocalist.

    10. Johnny Manuel from America’s Got Talent


    It’s been over two years, and I still watch Johnny Manuel’s America’s Got Talent audition on a monthly basis. His version of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” is just that good. Yet, he failed to make the top ten finale. Was it upsetting? Yes, and sadly, Johnny Manuel has remained forgotten and underrated since his time on America’s Got Talent.

    11. Angie Miller from American Idol

    ABC / Via

    Angie Miller was a favorite during season 12 of American Idol, which is remembered as the season where Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were judges. She sang both covers and her own songs with elegance. People thought she would win and were shocked when she landed in third place. Angie Miller now goes by her stage name, Zealyn.

    12. Jej Vinson from The Voice

    NBC / Via

    Jej Vinson became a front runner for American and Filipino viewers of The Voice when he joined Team Kelly Clarkson during season 16. His performances got almost a million views overnight, way more than any other contestant. Yet he was shockingly cut during a results night when five of the remaining thirteen singers were sent home. His international fan base stated that it was unfair that they couldn’t vote for The Voice.

    13. Kymberli Joye from The Voice

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    This gospel powerhouse was the soul to Team Kelly Clarkson. Some of Kymberli Joye’s best performances came during the live shows, and although her fan base wasn’t enough to put her in the top six, they were still bitter when she was eliminated.