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This Street Photographer's Adorable Dog Portraits Will Make Your Day

Try not to squeal throughout this entire post.

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Photographer Elias Weiss Friedman has created the four-legged version of The Sartorialist: The Dogist.

According to Friedman "Every dog deserves recognition, and sometimes a compelling photograph can get a dog out of a shelter, or inspire people to appreciate their dogs more."

It all started with this dog in Vienna.

Since then The Dogist has been capturing pups all over the place.

And the ones that take perfect portraits:

And the out-of-this-world furry:

Some are grateful for the photos:

Others seem to be defensive about them:

Others like to show off their new booties:

And a lot of them get caught playing in the snow:

Their fashion sense is impeccable:

But some are caught with the dreaded cone of shame...

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