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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Dressing Everyone You Know In Converse Gear?

Go ahead and try! You'll quickly see why giving Converse is the only way not to gift fail this holiday season (just ask Pete Davidson).

1. You sure you don't know anyone who'd wanna warm up with this hoodie?

2. Or maybe this crewneck?

3. Are they still cold? Hmm. Have them try this on for size!

4. This Converse boot is sure to keep the snow off someone's toes.

5. Or try it in black!

6. If iconic, ever-stylish shoes don't interest anyone you know, definitely don't get these.

7. Know someone looking for something fresh for the new year? Get a load of these!

8. Or perhaps you know someone who is looking for something with a little more sheen?

9. They say they need MORE sheen?! got it!

All images courtesy of Converse.

Make sure you give your loved ones GOOD gifts this holiday season. The best way not to gift fail is to give Converse.