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10 Gift Fails That Pete Davidson Is Not Having At All

Pete was so excited for the holidays...until he unwrapped his presents. Someone should have given him Converse.

1. Clearly someone needed to remind Pete's grandma that Pete is a big boy.

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Maybe this one will fit him better, Grandma.

2. Who printed out a bunch of pages of the Internet and gave it to Pete?

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If you look up the word "present" in the dictionary, it describes something a little more like this.

3. Pete doesn't appreciate the suggestive tone of his "Ab Dungeon" gift card.

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A pair of the new Chuck II Waterproof Boots would really show you care about Pete!

4. Pete's sister got him a lame compilation CD, which is telling.

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Hey sis, if you don't know what to get someone, just go with a gift card!

5. This plaid onesie is less than functional.

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This hoodie however is VERY functional (and fashionable!)

6. And this umbrella hat raises a serious health concerns.

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If you really want to protect Pete from the elements, maybe go with this parka.

7. Pete's agent didn't exactly spring for the good seats.

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Pete’s going to need some new sneakers for the walk to the nosebleeds.

8. A humble message from Pete to his friend who thought a "man purse" would be a suitable gift.

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Though that man purse DOES totally go with these boots.

9. Pete has an actual medical reason not to like his mom's gift.

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Classy gift mom, but maybe next time just go with the classic black Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops?

10. Can we bring up how bad this onesie is again?

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Not to harp on it, but we really think this Converse Sweatpant Jogger would be a gift worthy of a certain other comedian.

See how mad Pete is? Don’t do this to your friends and family. Don’t gift fail; give Converse!