9 Tips From Marie Kondo That Have Actually Changed My Life

    For taking your apartment to the next level.

    It’s been less than a year since "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo" came into my life, but I swear things are the better for it. Here are some things I seriously do that make my apartment much more livable (when I remember to do them):

    1. Greeting your space.

    2. Asking "Does this spark joy?"

    3. Thanking your objects.

    4. Becoming friends with boxes.

    5. Reassessing my book situation.

    I have come to the conclusion that buying books and reading them are actually two entirely different hobbies.


    I am constantly buying books (or getting free books — I am very lucky!) that I then don’t read. Boiling everything down to what Marie says: Only keep the books you want to bring with you into the future. Based on this, I need to get rid of some. I keep the ones that spark joy: the ones I’ve read and reread, the ones I just like, the ones I bought to support that author, the ones that just look beautiful on my shelf… #shelfiesareimportant

    6. Learning to love folding shirts...

    7. ...and folding socks, too.

    8. Throwing away papers, because letting go is ok.

    9. Learning to love the mess.