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13 Reasons John Constantine Is Cool As Hell

He's a hell of a guy. Get a full dose of John every week with Constantine, now airing Fridays at 10/9c on NBC.

1. It's no coincidence that Constantine looks eerily similar to pop superstar Sting. Constantine's creator, Alan Moore, had the singer in mind when he was designing the character.

2. Constantine is way too cool to be a supporting character.

3. John Constantine once extorted God.

4. No matter how much John drinks, he can always hold his booze.

5. Although he's well versed in magic, Constantine prefers to rely on his cunning and powers of deception to defeat his enemies.

6. He doesn't have many close friends, because most of his friends end up dead... except for Swamp Thing, who is one of his oldest allies.

7. In the '70s, Constantine became obsessed with The Sex Pistols and started his own punk band called "Mucous Membrane."

8. John Constantine was originally conceived as a blue-collar warlock.

9. John's most valuable weapon is his mind.

10. Constantine is only afraid of one thing: himself.

11. Constantine once conned the devil, then rubbed his face in it by giving him the finger.

12. The original Constantine (in the Vertigo Comics series) is one of the few comic book characters to age in real time.

13. Falling behind only Batman and Superman, Constantine was voted the 3rd most popular comic book character of all time.

Go to Hell with NBC's Constantine, premiering Friday, October 24 at 10/9c.

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