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13 Reasons John Constantine Is Cool As Hell

He's a hell of a guy. Get a full dose of John every week with Constantine, now airing Fridays at 10/9c on NBC.

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2. Constantine is way too cool to be a supporting character.

Swamp Thing #37 - Interior Art Pencils by Rick Veitch Inks by John Totleben / Via DC Comics

Constantine originated as a supporting character in the Vertigo Comics series Swamp Thing in 1985, then got his own well-deserved spin-off comic series, Hellblazer, in 1988.

3. John Constantine once extorted God.

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In Hellblazer issue #97, Constantine has a friendly chat with "God" and explains that, if he dies and goes to Hell, he'll easily take over and do really nasty things to the world. "God" knows he's right, so he decides to protect John's soul. If you're going to have a bodyguard, it might as well be God, right?

4. No matter how much John drinks, he can always hold his booze.

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Maybe it's the demon blood coursing through his veins. Maybe he just has a fast metabolism. Whatever the reason behind his high tolerance, John can out-drink the best of them.

6. He doesn't have many close friends, because most of his friends end up dead... except for Swamp Thing, who is one of his oldest allies.

Hellblazer #139 - Artist: Timothy Bradstreet / Via DC Comics

In fact, Swamp Thing once possessed Constantine's body so that he could make love to his wife, then tattooed a tree on John's butt before relinquishing control of his body. Just friends being friends, right?

9. John's most valuable weapon is his mind.

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Batman has the Batmobile. Arrow has his bow. John Constantine doesn't need any fancy gadgets. As long as he's got his trench coat and his trusty Zippo, he's ready to take down any dangerous demons that wander too close for comfort.

11. Constantine once conned the devil, then rubbed his face in it by giving him the finger.

Hellblazer #287 - Artist: Simon Bisley / Via DC Comics

Constantine once sold his soul to the devil and his two brothers, then committed suicide by slitting his wrists. The three Lords arrived to collect his soul, realized that they'd have to go to all-out war to claim it, and decided to save his life to avoid a civil war in Hell. As they departed empty-handed, John flipped them off.

12. The original Constantine (in the Vertigo Comics series) is one of the few comic book characters to age in real time.

Hellblazer #230 - Artist: Lee Bermejo / Via DC Comics

DC's version of Constantine is much younger than his Vertigo counterpart.

Go to Hell with NBC's Constantine, premiering Friday, October 24 at 10/9c.

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