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11 Characters We Want To See On "Constantine"

John Constantine is a blue-collar warlock with a few allies and a lot of enemies. But which of John's friends and foes will make appearances on NBC's new Constantine series? Tune in Fridays at 10/9c on NBC to find out!

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1. Zatanna

DC Comics

Not only does she manage to look cool in a top hat, but Zatanna is also one of the only DC characters that has even stronger magical abilities than Constantine. She casts spells by speaking backward and is a prominent member of the Justice League Dark. Zatanna and Constantine even have a complex romantic history that we'd love to see play out on screen.

2. Dr. Fate

DC Comics

With the help of his magical items (the Amulet of Anubis, the Cloak of Destiny, and his Helmet of Fate) Kent Nelson transforms into the supremely powerful Dr. Fate. We already know John is safeguarding the Helmet of Fate in the Millhouse, so hopefully we’ll get to see Kent — or even John — put it on at some point in the series.

3. Gentleman Ghost

DC Comics

Gentleman Ghost is the spirit of a gentleman thief named Jim Craddock. While he was alive, Craddock terrorized 19th-century England. As a ghost, he has become one of the Justice Society of America's most notorious enemies, and he'd definitely make a worthy adversary for John Constantine.

4. Madam Xanadu

DC Comics

A fellow member of the Justice League Dark, Madam Xanadu uses Tarot cards to focus her occult powers. Her ability to predict the future and extensive knowledge of magical artifacts makes her a very valuable ally for Constantine.

5. Swamp Thing

DC Comics

After an explosion near a Louisiana swamp, scientist Alec Holland is transformed — his mind and body fusing with the vegetation and plant life — into The Swamp Thing. But more importantly, John Constantine makes his debut in the pages of The Saga of Swamp Thing, which eventually led to his own Hellblazer spin-off. Swamp Thing has to make an appearance in the series at some point.

6. Etrigan the Demon

DC Comics

The word "demon" makes him enough of a foe for Constantine — but Etrigan has to share the physical plane with a human named Jason Blood. Blood, an original member of King Arthur’s court, was bound to this rhyming demon centuries ago. Now, whenever Blood utters the specific spell, he transformers into the brooding yellow demon, Etrigan.

7. Sandman

DC Comics

There have been many versions of this character in the DC Universe, but the one that has spent the most time with Constantine is “Dream." As the purveyor of the dream world, Sandman offers up plenty of opportunity to explore the guarded mind of John Constantine, which could be fascinating for viewers.

8. Tali & Chantinelle

DC Comics

Tali is an Angel of the Lord. Chantinelle is a Demoness Succubus. The two enemies fell in love, and then Tali impregnated Chantinelle, and now they're both in big trouble. Tali and Chantinelle asked Constantine to hide them in a safe house in exchange for insider information about heaven and hell. When the Lord found out, he banished Tali and killed their spawn. Luckily, they managed to maintain a friendship with Constantine.

9. Brendan Finn & Kit Ryan

DC Comics

Out of all John’s friends in the Occult, Bren & Kit are the only people he can truly be himself around. Brendan is a fellow warlock mentor who lives with his artist girlfriend, Kit, in the Irish countryside. Brendan winds up selling his soul for a fountain of perfect wine and John falls madly in love with Kit, which would create an interesting fold in the series.

10. Norfulthing

DC Comics

Constantine finds an abused little girl named Astra at the Casanova Club in Newcastle, England. She ends up conjuring a hellish wolf-like demon, named the Norfulthing, out of hate and fear. This creature destroys Astra's father and drives John and his friends to the brink of insanity. He's a shoe-in for a recurring villain in the Constantine series.

11. The Newcastle Crew

DC Comics

The Newcastle Crew is a group of John's misfit occultist friends. The crew consists of: John, Gary Lester (spoiled musician), Ritchie Simpson (computer genius), Judith (a tantric magician), Anne-Marie (psychic), Frank North (tough guy biker) and Benjamin Cox (teenage occult expert). Together, they unsuccessfully battled Norfulthing and Nergal, subsequently dooming Astra to Hell. Haunted by the traumatic events, the crew parted ways after the battle, but it would be great to see the TV series bring them together again.

Which of your favorite characters will make the cut? Find out on NBC's Constantine, Fridays at 10/9c.

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