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What Are Some "Facts" You Learned In School That You Later Realized Were Totally Wrong?

I know we've all been through that period of realization.

School was, like, the one place you went to and automatically thought, "Oh yeah, I'll for sure be able to believe everything they say in here."

And then you become an adult, start doing your own thinking and research, and you realize that quite a few things you learned in school...were actually pretty false.

So I wanted to ask the BuzzFeed Community, what's something that you were taught in school that you later learned wasn't true?

Maybe you remember learning about camouflaging chameleons in your first years of science class and being taught that they camouflage every time they come upon a new color. But then you later learned that they actually have a limited color range they can transform into, and when they aren't trying to hide, their colors change based on their mood as well.

Or maybe you remember the infamous "Christoper Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1942," and learning about his "discovery" of America. Yeah, what a load that was. Obviously, the Native Americans had already been in America for centuries, and many scholars and historians believe that people from Africa, Europe, and Asia had also been traveling to or inhabiting America before Columbus even set foot on the land.

Maybe you remember learning about how water collects in the clouds to create rain and believing your whole life that raindrops are teardrop-shaped. Well, surprise! They actually look like the top half of little hamburger buns and morph as they fall from the atmosphere to create other round shapes, but they are never teardrop-shaped.

Or maybe you remember learning that the blood inside your body is blue because it's deoxygenated (and that's also why you have blue veins), but when you get a cut and it hits air, that's when it becomes red. And then you later learned that at no point is your blood blue, nor do your blue veins indicate blue blood. The only color change is when deoxygenated blood becomes a much, much lighter shade of red as it becomes oxygenated. And essentially, blue veins are just an optical illusion.

Whatever those falsehoods may be, I would love to know about them. Feel free to share your story in the comments, or if you would rather remain anonymous, feel free to fill out this form. The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!