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What's The Most Unforgettable And Wild Experience You've Seen Or Had On A Cruise Ship?

I can only imagine what wild things could occur when you're stranded at sea with a bunch of strangers.

As someone who's been living vicariously through the vacationers on #CruiseTok, I've been wondering about all of the wild things that could be going down on these boats that I have no idea about.

So, I wanted to ask the BuzzFeed Community, what's the wildest experience you've seen or had on a cruise?

Maybe you were one of many who couldn't quite get the time difference down and found themselves sprinting down the dock as their cruise sailed away into the sunset. And with none of your belongings, you had to frantically find a way to get to the next port and meet up with the boat.

Or maybe you found yourself dancing the night away in one of the ship's nightclubs, only to be interrupted by huge, drunken brawls every 20 minutes. And as the staff got progressively more frustrated, you finally saw the fighters being taken down to the mysterious holding cells in the bowels of the ship, never to be seen again.

Maybe you remember a time when there was a huge change in the energy on the ship and you found crew members frantically running around and yelling codewords you didn't understand, only to find out that someone had gotten wayyyy too inebriated and gone overboard, and you were about to witness an entire rescue mission go down.

Or maybe you were in a completely scandalous and secret relationship with one of the crew members on the ship, and you both spent the entire length of the cruise sneaking around together, totally living out your love at sea fantasy.

Whatever it may be, I must know the tea about what's going down on these cruise ships. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments, and if you want to tell your story but remain anonymous, feel free to fill out this form. The juiciest responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!