Here Are 21 Things That Were Obviously Designed For Children But Actually Look Like They Hide In The Corner Of Your Bedroom At Night

    No child is ever coming back from any of these. I might not even come back from some of these.

    Ever found yourself looking at kids stuff and thinking, Wow, that's kind of creepy? Well, it's about to get a whole lot more questionable. Here are 21 of the creepiest things designed for children, thanks to r/creepydesign:

    1. These are the kinds of things that start moving once you have your back turned. I can't imagine MYSELF going near these two, let alone a child.

    A very creepy clown  and bird statue

    2. This person's kid will probably never know the joys of Rainbow Road again, and I honestly don't blame them after seeing Mario and Luigi like THIS.

    A very unsettling statue version of Mario and Luigi

    3. I'm actually just going to let you, the readers, run wild with this one.

    A very creepy-looking drawing of a giraffe with WIDE-open eyes

    4. This is the kind of bizarre stuff Sid from Toy Story would do.

    A baby head attached to a sheep's body with wooden legs and flowers growing on them on display in a store

    5. I'm not sure why everything is indicative of eating children, but we digress.

    A very creepy children's playground set up with three animals with their mouths wide open

    6. So here's the tea on the scariest man I've ever seen: His name is Mr. Noseybonk, and he's from a British CHILDREN'S TV show, Jigsaw, that ran from 1979 to 1984. I am appalled and frightened and want to personally check in on every British millennial and young Gen X'er in existence.

    A paper white puppet with a large bulge attached to his nose, a large, creepy smile, bulging eyes, and very unkempt hair

    7. No, Toto, this definitely isn't Kansas.

    A Raggedy Ann–type Dorothy doll from The Wizard of Oz with a sinister smile and strangely adult face

    8. I know if you swabbed the passenger seat of this car, the petri dish sample would be terrifying, and that's what's REALLY giving me the heebie-jeebies.

    A clown in a creepy two-seater car meant for children to sit in

    9. Are they okay?

    Two very creepy, not cute Teletubbies

    10. Live footage of what happened to Humpty Dumpty after they put him back together.

    A huge Humpty Dumpty stone face in a garden with loose appendages underneath it

    11. The fact that it's right next to the baby crib...AND I DON'T SEE A BABY.

    A potato-shaped human head that seems to be a robot, but only the head, and it has a creepy slight smile on its face and glowing eyes, next to a baby crib

    12. This thing looks like it's about to take you on a trip to the fiery gates.

    A small children's stationary train ride in a local mall that has big, wide eyes, defined rosy cheeks, and a huge, scary smile

    13. "I'm gonna need an APB out on a, um, *checks notes* yellow Minion arm."

    A Minion statue from the move "The Minions" with a pained smile and a missing arm

    14. It looks like they're about to say, "YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!" Like, no one's getting dragged into a sewer today, buddy. Think again.

    Laughing, scary, brightly painted clown figures with open mouths as smiles that are part of a fair game

    15. No one can tell me this doesn't look like someone Amanda the Adventurer would hang out with (IYKYK).

    A very scary Mickey Mouse toy with wide, completely blacked-out eyes

    16. It's the aliens, isn't it?

    A huge octopus sculpture with a chain around its neck and a large, toothless smile and huge, staring eyes

    17. No, no, no, and HELL NO. This Jack-Jack is literally a sleep-paralysis demon.

    The Incredibles, except they look very strange and Jack-Jack is HUGE

    18. Tracy Tree from the Rainforest Cafe doesn't look like she's doing too hot.

    "Tracy Tree," a talking tree at the Rainforest Cafe that looks very sickly and its eyes are rolling in two different directions

    19. According to OP, this was a baby rattle from the 1930s, and the nosebleed is really the icing on the cake. Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures literally needs to take this thing to his Las Vegas museum.

    Close-up of a very terrifying circular baby rattle with eyes going two different ways, a painted-on bright red lipstick, and a nosebleed


    A creepy mermaid night-light with a skull face, hollowed-out eyes, and webbed hands

    21. And finally...this literally just left me repeating, "LIGHTNING MCQUEEN?!"

    A very off-brand and messed-up version of Lightning McQueen from "Cars"