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6 Couples That You And Your Other Half Should Look Up To On Valentine’s Day

These couples embrace their love and are not afraid to show it!

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1. Barack and Michelle Obama

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Perhaps nowhere better to start than the former President of the United States and the former First Lady. These two have been in the center of everyone's hearts for over 10 years now and shows that even the most stressful of jobs can’t break true love.

This was even more apparent in President Obama’s farewell speech earlier this year, just days before Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. He passionately stated in front of a full crowd in Chicago that Michelle was his “best friend” and that “a new generation sets its sights higher because it has you as a role model”.

If that isn’t a great compliment from your husband, then I don’t know what is!

2. Jim and Pam


For anyone who watched “The Office” who didn’t root for Jim and Pam since day one then shame on you!

Set in a fictional paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, we are introduced to Jim and Pam as two star-cross lovers as Pam is engaged (but secretly has a soft spot for Jim) to another employee of the company while Jim simply attempts to hide his feelings for Pam, while playing consistent pranks with each other.

As the series progresses, we get to see the two embrace each other finally and the payoff is well worth it.

Where this differs from other relationships is that us, the viewer, get to see their progression over the nine seasons. We get to see the various stages that these two go through throughout their relationship. For instance, we see their friendship blossom, the flirting, their first kiss, their engagement, buying their first home together, getting married, having children and their fights. This makes it relatable for anyone who has ever been through some of their situations and automatically makes you support the couple throughout the show.

What we all agree on, however, is that Jim and Pam are perfect for each other, and gives hope to people who are single that they will be able to find their Jim or Pam one day.

3. Lady and the Tramp


This animation classic tells the story of how anyone from any background can fall in love. Perhaps one of the most famous (and often parodied) scenes ever in movie history is the spaghetti scene between Lady and Tramp.

As the two prepare to em...bark (see what I did there) on their first romantic date, they are wined and dined as Tramp pulls out all the stops to impress Lady. From this, then lies the infamous scene of the mistaken kiss between the two as they harmlessly enjoy a spaghetti strand together. This cuteness overload makes Lady and Tramp one of the standouts on this list due to their unconventional love for one another.

4. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis


This power couple makes the list as it’s a prime example of waiting for your soul mate isn't so much a bad thing.

The famous pair first met on the set of “That ‘70s Show” when Ashton was 20 and Mila was only 14. They both had an immediate bond on and off the screen and was even reported that Ashton helped Mila with her homework in between takes.

As the series progressed, both their characters were romantically involved with each other, to which Mila was over the moon about and even revealed that Ashton was her first kiss ever, which makes their love story even more cuter.

However, perhaps regarding the age difference at that particular time, they both went in opposite directions in terms of relationships until they rediscovered their spark for each other in 2012. They are now married with two children, Wyatt and Dimitri Portwood.

It may be that the lesson to learn from Ashton and Mila is that playing the waiting game for someone might not be the worst thing in the world.

5. Monica and Chandler


I know many people will perhaps question why Monica and Chandler are more deserving than Ross and Rachel on this list but just hear me out...

Regarding Ross and Rachel, they had a (fair to say) turbulent relationship over the 10 seasons in "Friends" whereas Monica and Chandler’s relationship mirrored what a modern day love story is all about.

For instance, they were best of friends for years upon years before getting together and knew virtually everything about each other. They also knew how to make each other laugh, smile and knew how to console one another if needed. They essentially laid all the essential groundwork that a relationship is based upon.

Now I am not saying, however, that his happens in every single case of best friends developing feelings for one another, but I was not one bit surprised when they ‘hooked up’ in London. It felt natural and real and something the viewer could believe in.

From there, we were given moments of sheer delight and emotional turmoil from the two, whether it be Monica stuffing her head into a turkey to cheer Chandler up or when they both decide to start a family and move away from the iconic flat.

Even though Ross and Rachel is a very honourable mention, in my view, Monica and Chandler are the real love story from "Friends".

6. Barack Obama and Joe Biden

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Now…I know that Valentine’s Day is accustomed for people who are in a relationship with one another. However, why would it be so wrong to celebrate a ‘Bromance’ much like Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The internet was sent into a frenzy in late 2016, when memes popped up everywhere of the former President and Vice President attempting to somewhat sabotage Trump’s ascendance into the White House with various different scenarios being played out such as the one above.

However, perhaps when this ‘Bromance’ gave us all the feels was when Mr Obama decided to present Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honour, due to his dedication to his country. You can just tell that these two will be good friends for a long time!

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