Kanomi Code + Newsweek.com = ZOMBIES ATTACK

Go here, then press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and Enter. Though I have included a small screen shot, you should really do this for yourselves. Sadly, the "Cult Of Palin" story at the bottom of the page is not part of the joke.

Conor H. • 7 years ago

The Shitty Deal

Sure, there were no eggs thrown or smoke bombs detonated, but this is about as entertaining as C-SPAN ever gets.

Conor H. • 8 years ago

Geico Fires The Gecko For Hating On Tea Partiers

D.C. Douglas, better known as the voice of the little green spokesperson for Geico, left a voicemail for tea party organizers FreedomWorks asking how many of them are mentally disabled, & what the PR spin would be when someone actually got killed. Yeah, he got fired.

Conor H. • 8 years ago