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Every Millennial Will Immediately Recognize These 21 Elementary School Smells

The nose definitely knows.

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1. Livestrong bracelets — aka the empowering scent of elementary school activism:

Instagram: @powerliftingmermaid18

It was a sad, sad day when they eventually ripped.

4. Gushers — aka the intoxicating smell of lunchtime currency:

Instagram: @miss_cupcake1989

They also might have had something to do with everyone's desire to eat Tide Pods.


5. Sunny D — aka the tangy scent of lunchtime jealousy:

Doric Foods

There was always one kid who drank it every single day and you're still filled with jealousy every time you inhale this nectar of the gods.

8. Goosebumps books — aka the soggy, musty smell of all your childhood fears:

Instagram: @truebelievershq

Halloween masks still freak you out, tbh.


21. And finally, grade school fads — aka the desperate smell of a fading fad just as you finally saved up enough money to actually buy in: