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    Posted on Feb 2, 2018

    Every Millennial Will Immediately Recognize These 21 Elementary School Smells

    The nose definitely knows.

    1. Livestrong bracelets — aka the empowering scent of elementary school activism:

    2. Eraser crumbs — aka the rubbery scent of all your mistakes:

    Littlewitz / Getty Images

    Sometimes you’d even erase a blank piece of paper just to get a whiff of these bad boys.

    3. Scented markers — aka the delicious smell of fresh fruit:

    Newell Brands

    You spent more time than you care to admit wondering how these might have tasted.

    4. Gushers — aka the intoxicating smell of lunchtime currency:

    5. Sunny D — aka the tangy scent of lunchtime jealousy:

    Doric Foods

    There was always one kid who drank it every single day and you're still filled with jealousy every time you inhale this nectar of the gods.

    6. Chocolate milk — aka the smell of childhood hydration:

    Sealtest Dairy

    Chocolate milk > water.

    7. Crayola crayons — aka the waxy smell of your artistic masterpieces:

    Flickr: crobj

    There was truly nothing better than opening a fresh box.

    8. Goosebumps books — aka the soggy, musty smell of all your childhood fears:

    9. Play-Doh — aka the salty, floury, somewhat plastic-like scent of first grade recess:

    Flickr: betsyweber

    If only it tasted as good as it smelled.

    10. Lego bricks — aka the smell of a busy childhood construction site:

    Flickr: notbrucelee

    There's not a single other scent that makes you want to immediately chew on or bite something quite like Legos.

    11. Pencil shavings — aka the actual smell of childhood nostalgia:

    Flickr: practicalowl

    There's nothing quite like the smell of a freshly sharpened No. 2 pencil.

    12. Construction paper — aka the messy, pulpy smell of making a Valentine's Day card for everyone in your class:

    Lynnecorey / Getty Images


    13. Recorders — aka the cumulative smell of third grade, plastic, and trapped saliva:

    Creativesunday2016 / Getty Images

    And hearing one still gives you nightmares.

    14. Parachute day in gym class — aka the smell of fun, teamwork, and friendship:

    Serrnovik / Getty Images

    Parachute day was the best.

    15. Every other day in gym class — aka the smell of fear, sweat, and kids who don't wear deodorant:

    Angela940 / Getty Images

    Seriously, gym class really sucked without the parachute.

    16. Scholastic Book Fairs — aka the wonderful smell of freshly bound adventures:

    Flickr: midnghtsdream

    Captain Underpants, Harry Potter, The Guinness Book of World Records, and so many more! The book fair was a great time.

    17. Pinnies — aka the silky, staticky, kinda sweaty smell of being picked for a team: / Via

    Also, the validation of not being picked last.

    18. Chalkboards — aka the dusty smell of an incredibly long day:

    Koosen / Getty Images

    Everything about chalkboards are terrible. Everything.

    19. Overhead projectors — aka the slightly concerning smell of burning lightbulbs:

    Wabeno / Getty Images

    Is it supposed to smell like fire all the time?

    20. Lunchables — aka the smell of the world's best pizza:

    Kraft Heinz

    Having one of these honestly made you feel like lunchtime royalty.

    21. And finally, grade school fads — aka the desperate smell of a fading fad just as you finally saved up enough money to actually buy in:

    Media Factory, Heelys, Inc., Flickr: wintercool612

    Heelys are still cool, y'all!

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