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    Updated on Sep 1, 2019. Posted on Nov 7, 2017

    22 Food "Hacks" That Are Literally Crimes Against Humanity

    Anyone can cook! But not everyone should.

    1. This attack on soup, condiments, and all things tomato:

    /u/danqqqqqq / Via

    2. This bean popsicle that no truly righteous being would have ever dared create:

    /u/shaky2236 / Via

    3. This homemade "trail mix" minus the fruit, the nuts, the chocolate, and the dignity:

    /u/Le_blancodiablo / Via

    4. This tooth decay sandwich:

    /u/emoposer / Via

    5. These microwaved apples posing poorly as baked apples:

    /u/Bandjeo / Via

    6. This abhorrent alternative to a marshmallow treat using Flamin' Hot Cheetos:

    /u/C***Corner / Via

    7. This Inception-inspired cheeseburger-stuffed cheeseburger that begs the question, "But why?"

    /u/Malfaisance / Via

    8. This extra creamy coffee:

    /u/anuncommontruth / Via

    9. This untoasted slice of white bread trying (and failing) to pass as a hot dog bun:

    /u/ab-absurdum / Via

    10. This cold, wet, pescatarian "hot dog" with cheeseballs for some reason:

    /u/parallelrule / Via

    11. This example of taking a good thing too far:

    /u/WaWaCrAtEs / Via

    12. This nauseating attempt at fish and chips:

    /u/jamielife / Via

    13. This downright inappropriate use of both Kool-Aid and chicken wings:

    /u/eddiemurphyscareer / Via

    14. This bacon, egg, and cheese that must've been forged from the fires of hell itself because WHY POP-TARTS?!

    /u/romanpieces / Via

    15. These defiled eggs, poached inside of a plastic glove:

    /u/emlion / Via

    16. These Halloween candy pancakes that somehow ruin both Halloween candy and pancakes:

    /u/intensenerd / Via

    17. This Mountain Dew margarita with a Dorito-crumb rim:

    /u/Literuhcola / Via

    18. This edible soup bowl of pepperonis:

    /u/jeepers13 / Via

    19. This sickening slice of fruit pizza with kiwi, pineapple, apple, mango, banana, and mushrooms:

    /u/Jewishluigi / Via

    20. This pickle snow cone that gives new meaning to the phrase, "DON'T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW!"

    /u/notthomyorke / Via

    21. This homemade ranch dressing calzone whose creator deserves to be prosecuted in a court of law:

    /u/fcukuniqueusername / Via

    22. And finally, this nightmarish attempt at getting some extra protein in with breakfast:

    /u/lePOISSON123 / Via