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Skin Care Must See For Hot Summer

Beauties, happy summer day! How to protect your skin in the hot weather? Here are some tips for you!

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Don't wash face with hot water after the insolation

We all know that cold water can make the pores shrink, let the skin cool down, there is the role of heat. If you use hot water, but let the blood vessels swell, may grow sunburn, especially after outdoor sports.

Wear colored t-shirts against the sun

The sunscreen capacity of the clothes first depends on the material of the clothes, followed by the color, for example, the SPF of the cotton clothes is about 15 to 40; the SPF of the polyester light-colored clothes is about 7 to 10; the SPF of the knitted light-colored clothes About 4 to 9. So it's better to wear colored cotton T-shirt for the UV filter than the white.

Eat vegetables but not all of them are good

If your skin is easier to long spot, the summer season is best not to eat celery, parsley, white radish and other "light" vegetables, eat these vegetables more easily make skin grow spots. Summer should eat more things to suppress the pigment, so that the skin white, like kiwi, tomatoes, oranges and other food.

Eat more foods rich in vitamin C

Many people know that vitamin C is the king of whitening, the effect of inhibition of dark spots is very obvious, usually to the sun must eat some foods containing vitamin C. In addition to adequate intake of skin aging to prevent vitamin E, can play a role in the defense of ultraviolet rays, increase skin resistance to vitamin A, increase skin elasticity of calcium, which can be from tomatoes, lemons, nuts and other food to obtain.

Finally, don't forget wear sunblock to protect your skin. Have a nice summer!

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