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    All The Great Things The "Harry Potter" Movies Added And All The Things They Shouldn't Have

    TBH this is just another excuse to rewatch them all.

    It has been 21 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published and 17 years since the first movie premiered. Ever since, people have been comparing the books and the films.

    Both hold a very special place in my heart so I can confidently say, yes, sometimes the Harry Potter films do it better than the books... *pause for gasp* annnnddddd sometimes they don't. Let's review some evidence. First up:

    1. Better in the movie: The Mirror of Erised only has Harry’s parents.

    2. Worse in the movie: Cutting the Sorting Hat's song.

    3. Better in the movie: Cutting the potions test to get to the Philosopher's Stone.

    4. Better in the movie: Professor McGonagall tells the students about the Chamber of Secrets.

    5. Worse in the movie: Making Ginny’s role smaller.

    6. Better in the movie: The "Double Trouble" song and choir.

    7. Worse in the movie: Not explaining The Marauders.

    8. Worse in the movie: Cutting out Gryffindor finally winning the Quidditch Cup in Harry's third year.

    9. Better in the movie: Triwizard tournament school entrances.

    10. Worse in the movie: Dumbledore yelling at Harry after The Goblet of Fire spits out his name.

    11. Better in the movie: The dragon test in The Goblet of Fire.

    12. Worse in the movie: Cutting out Neville’s parents.

    13. Better in the movie: Sirius accidentally calling Harry, James.

    14. Better in the movie: Harry being possessed during the battle of the Ministry of Magic.

    15. Better in the movie: The lighting of the wands.

    16. Worse in the movie: Burning down The Burrow.

    17. Better in the movie: Hermione erasing her parents memories.

    18. Worse in the movie: Cutting out Dudley's change of heart.

    19. Better in the movie: Harry and Hermione’s Dance.

    20. Worse in the movie: Cutting Pettigrew’s death.

    21. Better in the movie: Harry confronting Snape in The Great Hall.

    22. Worse in the movie: Treating the Slytherins like garbage before the The Battle of Hogwarts.

    23. Worse in the movie: Voldemort and Harry’s Final Fight

    24. Worse in the movie: Breaking the Elder Wand.

    25. Do you want to keep the magic going? Check out this video!

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    What were your favorite parts of the films? What did you wish they would have kept from the books? Are you a Peeves stan? Let us know in the comments below!