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    Sep 19, 2018

    This Kitty Visiting An Elderly Woman In The Hospital Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

    This kitty know just how to fix your me"OWs".

    This is Donny the cat.

    This sweet blind kitty has recently gone viral after a video of him visiting his "grandmother" in the hospital hit the Twittersphere.

    Here's what his owners (@blossum_and_her_family check them out) captioned the video:

    Donny’s grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer several months ago. After numerous tests it was determined that at 88 she was not a candidate for surgery so they were going to give her 5 radiation treatments and send her home to a hospice situation. Unbelievably the radiation was working so they gave her 12 more treatments and on Monday she’s being released cancer free. The healing power of a Blind Cat?


    Also, we are all this woman.

    Twitter can't get over the preciousness!

    One thing is for sure, these two sure do make a perfect pair!

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