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Answer These Personality Questions And We’ll Tell You How To Stay Connected During Social Distancing

#NowMoreThanEver, it's time to reach out to friends and family during this difficult time. Social distancing doesn't mean we need to stop socializing with our loved ones! Learn more at The Connections Project.

  1. Pick a scene you wish you could be at right now.

  2. What is your favorite thing about your family?

  3. What things have you been doing for fun recently?

  4. Describe your best friend in one word.

  5. How do you like to chat?

  6. What's your favorite way to cheer someone up?

Images from Getty Images/iStock.

#NowMoreThanEver, it's time to check in on those that we love! Visit The Connections Project for others ways to stay in touch while socially distancing.