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    Need A Playlist For Your Blues?? Don't Worry I Got Your Back ; )

    Here are 10 songs from my mid-night blues playlist. Hope you like them<3

    1. The first song on my playlist is Spring Day by BTS.

    All the members of BTS walking together.

    It's got the bluey charm. It's got the ballad vibe, EDM, and amazing vocals. The lyrics especially are amazing, !!CAUTION!!, it can make you cry. But if you're not Korean, like me, you might have to search up the lyrics. But nevertheless, even if you don't know what they're saying, the whole vibe the song gives out is just amazing!! And when you close your eyes, you can see a whole new world.

    2. Next up on my list is To My Youth by BOL4.

    The 2 members of BOL4.
    Genius / Via

    This song is really heart-touching. It describes the struggles of today's youth. The lyrics of this song is really really heart-touching. The vocals are amazing and the vibes are out-standing. Please do listen it. <3

    3. Next up is Way Back Home by SHAUN.

    Shaun&#x27;s Album cover of &quot;Way Back Home&quot;.

    This song's vibes are everything. The beats...oh my god!!. It's got the entire BLUE VIBE. If I write more description on this song, this description would be 50 paragraphs long.

    4. Next up is Ending Scene by IU.

    Make A Gif

    This song is really catchy. It's Ballad genre and super sweet, slow and sad. The lyrics and the MV is amazing too. It's one of my fav songs. You'll love it too.

    5. Next on my playlist is Epiphany by Jin(BTS).

    Jin sitting on his sofa.

    This song's lyrics is really the epiphany the world needs to know. The vibes are amazing, there's a bop in every beat and it's super ballad.

    6. Next is Lonely by BOL4

    This is the cover picture of the album of the song where 2 members of BOL4 having fun. It&#x27;s retro-themed.

    This is another BOL4 song on this list and it's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G *periodt*. This song's so good, you won't be needing a description.

    7. Next up is Hope Not by BLACKPINK.

    Custom album cover of HOPE NOT, with all the 4 memebers.

    The lyrics of this song are really really good. The beats are also really good and amazing vocals.

    8. The next song from my playlist is That's Okay by D.O.


    This song delivers a real emotional punch. It's really blue. With D.O.'s amazing vocals and the song's ballad themed beats, this song is a real masterpiece.

    9. Next up is All About You by Taeyeon.

    The Album cover of the song &quot;All About You&quot;.

    Not only is this song one of the OSTs from the 2019 K-drama, Hotel Del Luna, it's also a masterpiece by Taeyeon. It's got some real good vibes, and amazing vocals. You haven't heard anything, if you haven't heard this song.

    10. And last but not the least, the 10th beautiful song on this list is STAY by BLACKPINK.

    Amino Apps

    This song's vibes are on a whole 'nother level. It's super Blue. The acoustic guitar beats and the member's vocals are what makes this song ICONIC. It's also very Retro. You'll surely love it.

    So, what are you waiting for??!! Check out all the songs that I've mentioned on this list, I'm sure you'll love all of them.