Just A Bunch Of Really Funny Tweets About The "Riverdale" Cast At Comic-Con

    Is it time for season 4 yet?


    let’s all cross our legs and not tell kj about it

    thefcrsythe / Via Twitter: @thefcrsythe

    2. When half your OTP is absent

    madelaine listening to the varchie/bughead questions waiting for them to ask about choni

    madnessatopaz / Via Twitter: @madnessatopaz

    3. These three very specific personality types

    “almost everything” “nothing” “... your voice” LITERALLY THREE TYPES OF PEOPLE I CAN’T HANDLE THEM

    @lilisreinhart / Via Twitter: @lilisreinhart


    me after hearing “bughead and varchie are solid” for 2 days straight and then finding out that the writers are discussing ‘something big from the comics’ this week and want to put more betty and archie scenes in the show

    archielizabeths / Via Twitter: @archielizabeths


    i’m about to end it all https://t.co/WnTHXbco2i

    chxnilopez / Via Twitter: @chxnilopez


    “YOUR HAIR HAS GROWN LARGER BY THE HOUR” lili please sksks

    @lilisreinhart / Via Twitter: @lilisreinhart


    She mad I’m not there 😂 https://t.co/fdhMHrJUsv

    VanessaMorgan / Via Twitter: @VanessaMorgan


    love how lili gives no fucks while the rest of them are killing kj

    topazblosssom / Via Twitter: @topazblosssom


    at this panel tomorrow i dare roberto to say “yeah we’ll be getting into toni’s storyline this season” I DARE HIM and it’s on a poppin... i need to know WHAT and WHEN

    cheryltoepaz / Via Twitter: @cheryltoepaz


    😂😂😂someone come bring me a pillow so I can take a nap. Helppppp https://t.co/yjQVYyamGO

    Madelaine Petsch / Via Twitter: @madelainepetsch