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Flirting Signs Men

Men flirt more offensively than women, as far as their body language and verbal tactics are concerned.

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How do men flirt?

"Some people show the right ambition when it comes to inspiring a woman. Because the male ego often provides the impetus, which wants to record a success," explains Lisa Fischbach the flirting signals of the man. Our tip to the men: "Too much commitment frightens a woman rather than it impresses her. Go playfully and without success in the situation. This takes the pressure off the conversation and the woman has more chances to co-determine the pace of the flirt. "

Is he interested? Male signals

Many women have sensitive antennas to see if they are positive to a man. They also benefit from the fact that the man's flirting signals are more clearly visible. If men want to find a woman interesting and want to get to know her, they first notice in a physical way. They align themselves and thus visually sweep the alpha leader outwards. They present themselves to their counterparts as a potential strong protector. An emphatically casual attitude is supposed to embody sovereignty. "As a woman, you can also pay attention to whether you are countering, for example, play with the belt buckle or imaginary lint from the sweater - this is also unconscious flirting signals from the man," explains Lisa Fischbach.

5 Flirt types - how serious is he or her?

Irrespective of sex-specific flirt signals, both men and women use physical or emotional strategies to get in touch with the opposite sex. In a study of 1000 participants, the University of Kansas and Parship analyzed the flirt behavior of men and women, categorizing five different types of flirtations, which are very revealing: How offensive, playful or serious the first encounter is, lets conclusions to the intentions. Bed history or long term relationship? On the basis of the five types of flirtation, a prognosis is possible even on the first contact.

The physical: passion and straw fire alarm!

The physical flirtation expresses your interest and, in particular, their body language. Sexual attractiveness and visual stimuli are the main focus. This type of flirtation is easy to kindle and quickly enters into a relationship, but lets it drop again just as quickly.

The Playful: Flirting in the Here and Now

When "playful" women or men flirt, they do not necessarily have serious intentions: they enjoy the fun factor, want to flatter their own ego and test their market value. Frequently it remains with a non-binding encounter.

The courtesy: Serious intentions

The polite flirters refrain from sexual allusions and prefer to use their charms to score with their counterparts. In doing so, they intend to establish a deeper contact with their counterparts and then often lead serious relations.

The serious: Emotional depth

The serious flirters may not be non-committal, but may have serious intentions when approaching someone. They also want to attach an emotional bond on the face of sexual attraction. Their partnerships usually last very long.

The traditional ones: At the beginning is the friendship

The traditional flirters feel most comfortable with conventional roll patterns and fall back on the "old school" when flirting. The man takes the first step, the woman lets herself conquer and a relationship grows slowly from the initially friendly contact.

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