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The Definitive Ranking Of STAR WARS Vehicles

Ranking STAR WARS vehicles is a serious business and a task not to be taken lightly.

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We personally think we nailed the order – but do you agree? If not, re-rank the list now, and share with us what you think it should be!

13. Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle

Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd

This Imperial shuttle is reserved for only the VIP members of the dark side. You've got to be pretty strong with The Force to catch a ride in one of these.

9. Jedi Starfighter

Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd

The design of these starfighters dates back to the time of the Great Sith War. Streamlined for speed, this ship can navigate effortlessly through an asteroid field while being pursued, so it obviously handles quite well.

8. First Order Star Destroyer – Finalizer

Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd

We're not sure what to expect from this Star Destroyer, but if it's anything like its slightly older counterparts, we're shaking in our boots.

7. AT-AT Walker

Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd

A towering 22.5 metres tall, equipped with laser cannons and armour impervious to blaster bolts, if you saw one of these walkers coming towards you, the best thing to do would be to run the other way.

5. TIE Fighter

Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd

Facing a swarm of TIE fighters ready to attack you from all angles is not something we'd want to do on a regular basis. But can you think of a more iconic sci-fi vehicle sound? Thought not.

4. Imperial-class Star Destroyer – Executor

Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd

Just look at it's name – it destroys stars people. A sinister symbol of the Galactic Empire.

(Though it is gathering dust and rust in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS after being destroyed).

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