Top 10 Interviews From The Colbert Report’s Better Know A District

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“Why is your district in Brooklyn? Could your district not afford to live in Manhattan?” — Stephen Colbert


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“Do I come off as gay? ‘Cause sometimes people call me “bookish,” and I think that’s code.” — Stephen Colbert


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You know which side your bread is buttered on, but you prefer to eat the non-buttered side … why’d you butter it, then?” — Stephen Colbert


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“What is your black guy like? Because Utah’s is really nice.” — Stephen Colbert


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“Do you believe that people who’ve sucked toad should be allowed to be married?” — Stephen Colbert


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“Isn’t it better for the ladies to be below the glass ceiling than to be standing on top of the glass ceiling with all those men down there looking up?” — Stephen Colbert


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“I’m gonna make some gang signs, and tell me at which point you would pop a cap in my ass.” — Stephen Colbert


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“Isn’t it better to be safe than Muslim?” — Stephen Colbert


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“You’re a Democrat, and therefore, very liberal — so I assume you are high right now?” — Stephen Colbert


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“Monsanto is one of your biggest donors. Are you a genetically modified ear of corn in a suit, running for Congress? Are you a congressman — or a corn-gressman?” — Stephen Colbert

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