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17 Times South Park Went There

Over the course of its first 16 seasons, South Park has crossed countless lines and dared to push the envelope in ways no other show has. As we look ahead to tonight's Season 17 premiere, join us for a look back at 17 of the most jaw-dropping moments in the show's history.

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1. Scott Tenorman Must Die

It's no question this is one of the most shocking episodes, but there's much debate over which sounds tastier: Mr. & Mrs. Tenorman chili or the tears of unfathomable sadness.

2. The China Probrem

Can. Not. Unsee.

3. Sarcastaball

Need something to wash down that bowl of Mr. & Mrs. Tenorman chili? How about a refreshing bottle of Butters' Creamy Goo?


Admit it: you still don't read the license agreements.

5. Cripple Fight

Jimmy's first ever appearance saw him going crutch-to-wheel with Timmy in an episode that made strong points about gay rights and litigiousness.

6. Woodland Critter Christmas

You know this episode is crazy, because it features lion cubs performing an abortion on Kyle, and that's arguably not the most bonkers scene.

7. Crack Baby Athletic Association

Regardless of your opinion on compensation for NCAA athletes, this episode is sure to restore your faith in Slash.

8. Imaginationland Trilogy

Only South Park could cut out Strawberry Shortcake's eyeball, threaten to have someone with AIDS pee in the empty socket and win an Emmy for it.

9. Medicinal Fried Chicken

Medical marijuana, Vatican sex scandals, health food preachiness, Scarface references, gargantuan scrotums; does this episode have everything? Does the pope sh*t in the woods?

10. It's a Jersey Thing

If you didn't love this episode, you're muff gahbage!

11. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

In the commentary for this episode, Matt Stone described one of the main ideas behind it as, "if there was a word as hateful as the n-word is... if there was a word like that against white people, white people would make it illegal."

12. The Ring

That sound you just heard? That was your innocence shattering into a million pieces.

13. The Death Camp of Tolerance

It would have been startling enough to just have Mr. Slave put a gerbil up his ass, but following Lemmiwinks' epic journey through his digestive system elevated the outrageousness into the stratosphere.

14. Raising the Bar

This episode was as bold in its sendup of lowest-common-denominator entertainment as it was for its earnest introspection. And it goes great with sketty 'n' butter.

15. Red Hot Catholic Love

Can you poignantly defend faith without having Martha Stewart crap out of her mouth? Maybe, but we wouldn't want to see it.

16. Trapped in the Closet

This classic episode features Tom Cruise, John Travolta, R. Kelly and thetans. Lots and lots of thetans.

17. Cartoon Wars

In a way, every episode of South Park is about free speech, but probably none more so than this two-parter that also features another very valuable lesson: never compare Cartman to Family Guy.

Where will Matt and Trey go next? Tune-in to South Park's Season 17 premiere tonight -- Wednesday, September 25 at 10/9c -- to find out.