14 Totally Wacky Weight Loss Infomercials

Fad diets come and go but thankfully, commercials are forever. These work out and diet moments are almost too absurd to be true. Find out all about the San Diego Diet and other hilarious parodies on Comedy Central’s all new Kroll Show, Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30C.

1. The Sauna Suit

Finally lose that pesky armpit weight with a more robust sweat trap for your body!

2. The Keep Fit Pills

Never lose your house keys in your belly rolls again!

3. The Neck Slimmer

Develop the world’s most impressive nod with one simple motion!

4. The Ab Belt

Zap your twitchy abs into involuntary crunches, no matter where you are!

5. The Swedish Diet Commercial

Eat an entire chicken while riding a moped and still lose weight!

6. The Perfect Plate

Eat enough baked ziti for a family of eight without gaining an ounce!

7. The Ab Circle Pro

Scientifically proven to be a really off-putting office activity!

8. The Tabletop Boxer

Gleefully punch your way to a stronger physique!

9. The Original Slim Suit

(Feathered mullet not included.)

10. The Bandinis

Tone and sculpt your chubby little wrists AND get your carpet clean, all at once!

11. The Gazelle Freestyle

Women will point at your butt in amazement, guaranteed!

12. The Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power

Ride it, my pony. Very, very vigorously.

13. The Weight Loss Smelling Wafer

One smell of this magical wafer and you’ll never want to eat that brownie again!

14. The Shakeweight

No comment.

Inspired by: Kroll Show’s “San Diego Diet”

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