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The Definitive Ranking Of ​Abbi And Ilana's Outfits On "Broad City"


19. When they dined in style like hip-hop royalty.

Abbi = Queen B

Ilana = Jay (of course)

18. When their leggings said "I won't compromise my art for money."

Then they compromised their art for $2. (Girls gotta eat, right?)

17. When they channeled their inner sk8ter bois.

16. When friendship meant video-chatting in a tank top.

And it was fucking beautiful.

15. When Ilana got dressed up for a shiva (and a pegging announcement).

14. When they power-suited up like the badass ladies that they are.

Peace, mortals!

13. When they were the Guardians of the Coats.

Those weed boobs are TOO GOOD.

12. When they didn't let the job market bring them down.

Broads be hustlin'.

11. When their wedding hair was #flawless.

Just like their love.

10. When St. Mark's offered up its finest swag.

9. When Western medicine failed them completely.

And Bingo Bronson saved the day.

8. When they transcended the bed, the bath, and even the beyond.

7. When they were shabby chic and fabulous.

6. When Ilana wore maybe our favorite Ilana shirt ever.

5. This. Just this:

4. When the world met Val and her main squeeze.

And our FOMO was off the charts.

3. When Ilana rubbed one out to her truest love.

The bra, the lipstick, the tattoo... #perfection

2. When they rocked out with their cocks out.

What's more rock 'n' roll than storing weed in your pu$$y?! Nothing, that's what.

1. And then they really rocked out with their cocks out.

Best outfit. Hands down. No contest. Lock it up. Shut it down. Naked wins, clothing sucks, byeee.

Broad City outfits (and adventures!) are back with a brand-new season on Comedy Central. So tune in bitchaz!

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All images courtesy of Comedy Central.