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11 Reasons Adulting Is Too Damn Hard

Suddenly there's a day for laundry?! Catch Idiotsitter on Comedy Central after Workaholics, and find out why Billie and Gene weren't cut out for adulting.

1. Because you have a fancy degree but a bullshit job.

2. Because there's no more summer break.

3. Because now you're in charge of your own health care.

4. Because it's becoming socially unacceptable for your parents to pay your phone bill.

5. Because your paycheck is always smaller than you think it'll be.

6. Because you have to do your taxes.

7. Because nobody tells you when to go to bed, so you're always tired.

8. Because business casual is a thing now.

9. Because shotgunning a beer before going out is suddenly frowned upon.

10. Because technically you can eat whatever you want...

...but you have to live with the consequences.

11. Because no matter what you do, you keep getting older.

When you're bad at adulting, you need a sitter. Check out Comedy Central's Idiotsitter Thursdays after Workaholics.