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11 Comedy Central GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Your Twenties

An uptight legal guardian. A party girl on house arrest. IT JUST MAKES SENSE. Check out Comedy Central's Idiotsitter to see how Billie and Gene are nailing their twenties!

1. When you have an Ivy League degree but no job, and you're broke AF:

2. When you think that drunk driving doesn't apply if you're on a horse:

3. When you literally want to "f*ck the po po":

4. When you feel like you can't keep up with fashion trends:

5. When you know your friends are judging your rachetry, but you don't care:

6. When Jell-O shots make you realize you've never tasted a person's face before:

7. When your '90s nostalgia is in full swing:

8. When you try putting the moves on someone, but they're a little too...postmodern:

9. When your only hookup of the night is getting drunk in the bathtub with your BFF:

10. When you're under house arrest, so you throw a house party (duh):

11. When your legal guardian realizes if you can't beat 'em, join 'em:

All images courtesy of Comedy Central.

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