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10 Beautifully Brutal Owns From “Roast Battle II: War Of The Words”

They say 2016 was the hottest year on record. But in 2017, people are already getting burned.

1. That time Frank Castillo was pretty sure he found Jay Light's new day job.

2. Or when Anna Valenzuela perfectly summed up Evan Williams’ whole vibe in one sentence.

3. Alex Hooper brought up some sibling rivalry going on in Scott Chaplain's family.

4. Zac Amico thinks Matthew Broussard should really have a talk with his girlfriend.

5. And Valenzuela aims to save Castillo from a most unfortunate fate.

6. Castillo, in turn, made a convincing case for Valenzuela being a Trump.

7. Joe Dosch managed to burn not only Leah Kayajanian but also US foreign policy.

8. Broussard with the solid Gremlins reference.

9. Olivia Grace wants Keith Carey to know she won't be posting his bail on this one.

10. When Jessica Kirson examined the duality of Todd Barry's look.

With all this roasting going on, even Snoop is blazed!

All images courtesy of Comedy Central

Catch up on the first three episodes of Roast Battle II on and don’t miss the live finale Jan. 29 at 10/9c on Comedy Central. It may be Sunday, but, trust us, nothing will be sacred.