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9 People You Might Meet In Florida

Florida is pretty much the worst. If you’re not supposed to smoke it, screw it, or go within 300 feet of it, you can bet someone in Florida already has! If you know anyone like these folks, then they may be from the Sunshine State or on our new show, Big Time in Hollywood, FL.

1. People with weird drug problems.

2. People in creepy rehabs.

3. People who have been kidnapped by a drug lord.

4. People with grim futures.

5. Sleazy used car salesmen.

6. People with no manners.

7. People who don’t know proper gun use.

8. People who still dress like Miami Vice is popular.

9. People who are just pretty messed up.

Want more Florida insanity? Watch the first episode of Big Time in Hollywood, FL right now for free. Be sure to keep watching every Wednesday at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central to see what other ridiculous shit happens.

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