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5 BuzzSpeed Answers That Are Now Real BuzzFeed Lists

@midnight loves all things social media and BuzzFeed is no exception. Here are some BuzzSpeed lists our comedian contestants thought should be on BuzzFeed, and guess what NOW THEY ARE!

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Doug Benson: 8 Facial Expressions Cher Can’t Make Anymore

If she could turn back time, she'd make all of these faces.

Kristen Schaal: 10 of Your Favorite Fingers

We did the research and these are definitely 10 of your favorite fingers.

Eugene Mirman: 85 Dogs That Are 24 Cats

If you add up 85 dogs and dress them as 24 cats, you are left with 8 dogs dressed as cats. We did a lot of complicated science-math and you'll have to trust us.

This definitely counts

Julie Klausner: 45 Disney Princesses Only They’re Also Potatoes Somehow

Julie didn't get points for this, but we looked up some princesses and it turns out she was on to something. These are all real:

Julie Klausner: 3 Dogs

She never said if it was three dogs or just one three-dog, so we're doing both.


Jenny Slate: 13 (Different) Butts With Faces Drawn On Them

Jenny said 13 butts with faces on them, but we're not allowed to show you the rest (and we also went blind after this many).


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