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11 Ways "Review" Has Ruined Forrest MacNeil's Life

This season on "Review," Forrest has proven that he will review any life experience regardless of how harmful it may be to his comfort, safety or happiness. So in advance of this week's season finale, we take a look back at the myriad ways Forrest's commitment to his job has turned his personal life to s**t.

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When he divorced the only woman who would ever truly love him

Forrest couldn't turn down a viewer's request for him to review divorce. (Did we mention that his ex-wife is now seeing her divorce attorney?): http://on.cc.com/1lupsIU

When his search for the meaning of "there all is aching" landed him in electroshock therapy

"There all is aching" may not make any sense, but that doesn't mean Forrest wasn't obligated to review it: http://on.cc.com/1fpyPcV

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