10 Things That Happen When TV Shows Collide

This is what happens when two shows stop being polite and start getting real. Community and @midnight team up to have some fun. Watch Monday - Thursday at 12a/11c on Comedy Central.

1. 1. Jim lets his @midnight win get the best of him.

Jim Rash compares his @midnight win to his Oscar win.

2. History of the World in 15 seconds! Including Every Genocide Ever.

3. Fire, Punches and Texting mobiles

If only history class made it this simple.

4. Spirit of War is now represented by punches.

Jim will not let the club continue if Gillian continues to throw punches like a girl in hopes of portraying “spirit of war.”

5. Cookies are Gillian’s favorite thing about showbiz.

Gillian proves we can stay skinny and eat our cookies too…our hero.

6. Danny talks so fast you have to watch three times to understand.

@thedeltacube: What is your favorite Troy and Abed end tag?

7. Just talking about her dog makes her give the puppy eyes.

@lschin12: If there were to be a talking dogs episode of Community, what dog breed would you want to play your character?

8. Only a real man would admit this.

@cdulaney85: Jim, which is tougher to wear : High Heels or nylon stockings ?

9. Again, need to watch multiple times to keep up with his fast pace talking.

@LindsayWinger: Danny, did you have any inspiration for your portrayal of Abed?

10. Props for admitting what we all were thinking…Vanderpump Rules is our guilty pleasure.

@MaggieTrundles : Gillian, which Real Housewives city is your favorite and why?

11. Watch the full episode now at CC.com/atmidnight.

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