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Expectations Vs. Reality Of Being The Boss

TMW you realize you're the one running this banana stand.

1. Expectation: As the boss, I can leave work whenever I want!

Reality: Work never leaves me. It consumes me, becomes me, and I love it.

2. Expectation: I'll delegate all the hard work out to my employees so I can just chill.

Reality: I'll do all the hard stuff because I'm the only one on this team I trust to do it right.

3. Expectation: As the boss, I'll get all the good swag.

Reality: The business is my child and deserves any and all swag.

4. Expectation: Now that I'm the boss, I don't sweat the small stuff.

Reality: There's now way more small stuff I'm "not" sweating.

5. Expectation: Nobody tells me what to do!

Reality: Nobody tells me what to do!

6. Expectation: I'm going to be the cool boss.

Reality: I used a GIF in an email once.

7. Expectation: If I mess up it's all my fault.

Reality: When I succeed, it's all me, baby!

8. Expectation: I'll finally get the big fancy office!

Reality: I'm so busy half the time I barely even notice my surroundings.

9. Expectation: Being the boss will be exciting.

Reality: That excitement comes from things as simple as reaching inbox zero.

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