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Paid PostPosted on Mar 31, 2014

11 Ways To Turn A Day Off Into A Mini Staycation

So you've got the day off, and you're not trying to leave town. Great! Time for a staycation, as guided by this day-long journey. Feel free to roam your fair city stress-free, especially since Comcast's new two-hour service window is in effect. No more waiting around all day for the cable technician. Let's get started.

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Switch up your normal pancake routine and make Cheesecake Pancakes instead. Treat yo self.

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Not sure if you're using the right type of bike? Refer to this handy guide.

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Ever feel unsure about the type of coffee you just ordered? Get it right!

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Depending on what city you're in, there's probably a helpful app that can tell you where all the museums are in your immediate area. This one's great for New York City.

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Take the scenic route! And document the whole thing with your Narrative Clip — a small camera you clip to your shirt which takes a picture every 30 seconds. Remember this glorious staycation!

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Need some help relaxing? There's an app called Calm — it will guide you through a relaxation session.

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There's an art to purchasing produce! Educate yourself, and you're in for a good meal.

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Not sure where to begin? Don't fret. Here's some guidance.

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If you're sick of all the old go-tos, try a new recipe! Like this Pappardelle a Ragù, found on the ever-helpful

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Try tackling these classic films.

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Put a cap on this glorious day by lulling yourself to sleep with the sweet sounds of the ocean. Or leaves blowing in the wind. Or a crackling fire.

Check out Comcast's new service innovations here!

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