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10 Things Every Fisherman Learned From Their Fisherdad

Besides all the corny fishing jokes, of course.

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3. If the sun's up, the fun's up.


There's nothing like starting your day minutes after you've gone to sleep. Dad always told you that fishing at the crack of dawn is essential. It's like that old expression: "The early worm catches the fish."

4. Bug spray, SPF 30, and WD-40 are the liquids that will save your life.


A little WD-40 on the line blocks the human smell and gives you better distance on your casting, while the bug spray and SPF keep you from dying a mosquito- or sun-related death.

5. Know what you're fishing for and know what to use as bait. / Via

This is a classic parent life lesson: always know what you're trying to do before you do it. Some fish love worms, some love insects, some love shiny things, some love a chase. Just remember that all fish aren't created equal.

6. A little Alka-Seltzer goes a long way.


If there's one thing Dad had in bulk, it was Alka-Seltzer. Most fish are attracted to bubbles, so you can rig up a tiny tube next to the jig and sink an Alka-Seltzer with your bait. Hello, dinner.

8. Fish don't want to be caught, so keep your eyes peeled.


Dad was always so good because he was patient. Play some Candy Crush or talk about school — but remember — keep your voice down! Didn't you read rule #2?