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Are You More Colleen, Abby, Allie, Or Shadi?

Take this instead of studying for finals!

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  1. You have no plans on a Saturday and a friend texts you "wanna do something tonight." What do you respond?

    Immediately respond "OMG, yes of course"
    "aw maybe but I'm really tired. What time does it start?"
    "No I can't I'm watching Anastasia alone in my bed tonight instead"
    The only people who text me are world leaders asking me to solve their problems
  2. It's 2am after a fun night out and you're hungry. What's your go to?

    A dog treat stolen from the Av front desk
    Your roommates leftover Chinese food
    Jumbo Slice
    I am not hungry because I am too busy creating peace in the middle east
  3. Your friend is crying in front of you. What do you do?

    Awkwardly pat them on the back and than try to leave as soon as possible
    Ask them to explain the whole story and discuss the reasons why you are upset
    Immediately bring them snacks
    I'm to busy working to relieve tensions between the US and Russia sorry
  4. What is the closest thing you have to a SO?

    I have an actual SO. This is a weird question
    I think it's best to focus on yourself
    The man at the Berks store
    The 5 permenant members of the UN security council are my SO's. And I have a real SO. Take that.
  5. Your friend falls down. What do you do?

    Immediately help them up and ask if they're ok
    Laugh, but then feel bad and apologize
    Laugh, and take a video of them on the ground
    All of my closest friends are famous politicians and have security teams around them, they can handle it
  6. What are you involved in on campus?

    Being a frat star
    I spend 17 hours a day locked in the Spring Valley building so I don't have time for anything
    Various things, but puts minimal effort into them
    I am the president and vice president of every single club and organization on campus
  7. Are you from Colorado?

    There are people from Colorado here?
    YES ARE YOU????!!!!????
  8. If you were a Disney movie animal sidekick who would you be?

    That dumb chicken from Moana
    I have 23 different internships. I don't have time for this
  9. How do you respond to affection?

    I am the one showing affection
    Instinctively reject it
    Accept it! Spread the love
    I don't have time for affection right now we have to focus on my new plan to reverse climate change
  10. Whats your aesthetic?

    Got back from the gym three hours ago and still haven't changed
    Already a PTA mom

Are You More Colleen, Abby, Allie, Or Shadi?

You got: Colleen

Your favorite hobbies may be eating food in bed and still never be cleaning your sheets, watching full seasons of Netflix in one evening, and scamming people by only wearing workout clothes most days so whenever you're not people compliment you, regardless of how terrible your outfit is!

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You got: Allie

You are a teacher through and through #elementaryeducation. You probably give unsolicited snacks, and a classic saying of yours is "I would go to more parties if they started at 7pm"

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You got: Abby

Loves Colorado (don't worry she'll tell you about it), sratty af, would be invited to 27 frat formals if she didn't have a boyfriend. May accidentally steal from you, but not in a mean way.

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You got: Shadi

The only person who got this should have been Shadi. If youre reading this and your not Shadi this is #fakenews

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