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How To Not Be A Total Jerk

Listen, we know that college is difficult, and you are trying to impress so many different people- just to name a few: girls, teachers, friends, and family. That being said, everyone needs to learn how to do this, WITHOUT BEING A JERK. Nobody likes a jerk, here are some tips

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1. Parking In More Than One Spot

What is more frustrating than not being able to park somewhere, because some idiot felt the need to park in two spots. Is this really necessary? What do you gain from it? You don’t look cool, and you piss off just about everyone at the school. Be a normal driver, and just park in one spot. We all thank you for your common decency.

2. Taking More Food Than Necessary

Ever been standing in line, eager for that last chicken tender or mozzarella stick? Yes, we have all been there. Ever see that jerk in front of you take the LAST SEVEN MOZZORELLA STICKS, leaving you with an empty tray? Odds are, you’ve all seen that too, and maybe even been that guy. Everyone knows not to mess with people when it comes to food, and that is the worst way to do so. Stop. Please.

3. Giving Your Professor an Insulting Review Online

Yes, that professor may have failed you, hated you, or refused to help you. But they still work hard, and they are still humans. If you can’t say it to their face, don’t insult them online. Plus, it is only going to hurt that professor, as they surely won’t get constructive feedback from you. Be polite and respectful, it’s good karma.

4. Making Fun of Boston Sports, While In Boston

We get it, not everyone is from here, and not everyone roots for the Pats, Bruins or Red Sox. We wouldn’t expect you to. But you are going to piss a lot of people off if you make fun of the teams. Root for your team, be proud, and make fun of Boston when you’re home. But it’s a prideful city, and you don’t need to create a city full of enemies.

5. Cross The Street Without Looking

Yes, we know that cars are supposed to stop for pedestrians. But they don’t always see you, and it is frustrating when you just waltz in front of them without showing that you even care. Be patient, give them a second to wave you on, and just wave back.

6. Letting The Door Close In Someone's Face

What, you can’t waste 5 seconds to hold a door for someone, or at least make sure they grab it? What is ruder than letting a door slam right into someone? You never know when you will make a friend, and it could come from a gesture as kind and simple as holding a door. Again, just be patient, observe your surroundings, and realize that you are not the only person of importance in this world.

7. You Aren't A Jerk Anymore!

There you have it. These are some of our best tips to avoid being a jerk. If you see yourself doing any of these things, stop it. There just isn’t the need to. Instead, try to improve, and see how much it will help you. Wings Up.

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