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    Which Theatre Degree For Me?

    Considering studying theatre in college? Do the letters BA, BFA and BM make your head spin? Take this quiz to help clear things up a bit!


    Do you enjoy singing in ensembles and choirs?
    Do you enjoy performing in straight plays?
    Would you like to try to direct or write?
    Can you imagine doing anything else but acting?
    How do you feel about music theory?
    Can you dance?
    If you weren't onstage, where would you like to be?
    Do you want to learn about lots of different things in college?
    Which of the following would you most enjoy learning about?
    Which are you best at?
    In which area do you want to most improve?
    Do you want to continue on to graduate school?
    If you could minor in anything, what would it be?
    Which of the following images resonates the most with you?

    2. Want to learn more about the college audition process? The College Musical Theatre Guide can help!

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