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Traveler's Guide For College Students - 5 Easy Steps To Get Started

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere for Spring Break but never thought it was possible? Travelling in college seems like a dream, but in reality… it can be a reality. It may take a little work, but what’s a little work compared to once in a lifetime experience? Here are some easy ways to make it happen.

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1. Start Now!

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It's important to get your shizz together now as opposed to later. First, figure out where you want to go, then turn wishful thinking into action! Tell everyone that you’re planning on travelling abroad next spring break- not only will this get you excited, but will also give you a reason to make it happen; no one likes to admit failure.

2. Get Your Friends On Board... literally.

Travelling alone can be daunting, but travelling with friends will make you feel more secure and can add another factor of fun to your trip. Get them psyched and you can all hold each other accountable when it comes to saving money.

3. Research

Unfortunately, you’ll need to quantify your trip. First, you’ll need to get an estimate of how much plane tickets will cost. says the best time to buy your tickets is between 1-4 months away from your trip, but you should be checking prices constantly. has an option that allows you to compare prices from multiple websites, so you can get your ticket for the cheapest possible price. As for lodging, AirBNB can offer some nice but inexpensive places. Cheaper hotel rates can also be found on websites like; you’ll just need to spend some time figuring out what you want and how much you’re willing to pay.

4. Now Save!

This is usually the hardest part, especially for college students who already consider themselves poor. An easy way to save is to stop eating out. According to, the average college student spends more that $700 on eating out in a calendar year- that can easily pay for your lodging!

5. Get A Job

Jobs and college don’t always go together, but with opportunities today like becoming an Uber driver or signing up to babysit or nanny on, you get to choose your hours AND get paid more than minimum wage. Make sure you set up a separate bank account and get your checks directly deposited to prevent you from spending the money on something else. Signing up for scholarships doesn’t take a lot of time either, and it’s free money that you could potentially use for your trip. Check out for hundreds of opportunities.

It’s really that easy to travel abroad for Spring Break in college and even have the best experience of your college career. If not, there’s one thing that’s certain: it’s better than sitting on your bed watching Netflix and eating Ramen. So… where are you going?

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