17 Ways To Literally Drink Flowers That Actually Taste Amazing

    Because drinking flowers is way easier than planting them.

    1. Four-Ingredient Spring Coconut Crush

    2. Strawberry Chamomile Paloma

    3. Rose Lemon Spritzer

    4. Strawberry Lavender Champagne Floats

    5. Rose Martini

    6. Smoking Rose Paloma

    7. Rose Royal

    8. Strawberry and Rose Sorbet Champagne

    9. Meyer Lemon Chamomile Cocktail

    10. Lavender Sour

    11. Berrylicious Floral Cocktail

    12. Rhubarb Lilac Spritzer

    13. Lavender Grapefruit Gin Buck

    14. The Marigold Cocktail

    15. Raspberry Rose Fizz

    16. Rose Cucumber Cocktail

    17. Peppered Rose Cocktail

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