We Have Your Backstage Pass To The Making Of A Musical For The Deaf

    Deaf West Theatre's production of Spring Awakening is headed to Broadway this fall.

    We got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Deaf West Theatre's incredibly complex and innovative production of Spring Awakening, which is headed to Broadway in the Fall of 2015.

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    Deaf West Theatre is a premiere deaf theater company based in Los Angeles.

    It took hundreds of rehearsals to keep the deaf and hearing actors in sync.

    Choreographer Spencer Liff seamlessly incorporated actor-driven cues that are derived from basic, everyday movements.

    Daniel Durant, a deaf actor who plays Moritz Stiefel depends on these visual cues.

    Alex Boniello, is a hearing actor and the singing voice of Daniel's character, Moritz Stiefel.

    "I have someone who's sitting with his hand on the bed, and when his right hand opens and I see that, then I crumple the paper."

    DJ Kurs is the Artistic Director for Deaf West Theatre.

    Linda Bove, the Sign Language Supervisor works with hearing members of the production team to match the translation to the music.

    The result of all the meticulous collaboration and attention to detailed cues is an incredibly innovative and inspiring piece of theater.