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17 Work-Study Jobs That Could Only Exist At Hogwarts

Wizarding experience required.

1. Transfiguration Lecture Clean-Up Crew

Warner Bros. / Via

Require the assistance of skilled students to revert all transfigured objects to their original forms! Yes, ideal candidates DO actually need to have a rudimentary knowledge of transfiguration!

After you turn the cups back into rats you do also have to CATCH the rats.

£5/hr. Stop by Professor McGonagall's office with your resumé to apply.

2. Ghost Entertainer

Warner Bros. Colin Heasley

Male student needed to distract Moaning Myrtle so that staff can clean the girls' bathroom. Duties include: listening to feelings, heavy flirting, and an occasional bubble bath.

Must have good emotional intelligence! Pay commensurate with experience.

3. Professor Lockhart's Wardrobe Coordinator

Warner Bros.

Looking this good isn't easy! Help your favorite professor get ready to greet the day (and media!!) each morning by organizing / dry cleaning his wardrobe, going on hair-product runs to Hogsmeade, and generally living the life of a true 🌟 !

Minimum Wage – perks include accompanying Professor Lockhart to important book signings in the heart of London!

4. Hippogriff Caretaker

Warner Bros.

Must maintain respect for the most noble of beasts while also discreetly cleaning up poop.

£5/hr. Protective gear provided!

5. House-elf Student Liason

Warner Bros.

Hogwarts staff are looking for an intelligent, well-spoken student (HERMIONE) to participate in monthly meetings with house-elf leadership and represent the student voice (HERMIONE) in manners pertaining to the upkeep of the school (HERMIONE).

Proof of previous SPEW membership required (HERMIONE).

This is an unpaid position.

6. Inquisitorial Squad

Warner Bros. / Via

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC. Join the Inquisitorial Squad and help Professor Umbridge enforce the regulations that pertain to the fundamental SAFETY and SECURITY of HOGWARTS.

Unpaid. Contact Professor Umbridge if interested.

7. Boat Logistics Coordinator

Warner Bros.

Our boats love to carry students back and forth to Hogwarts, but occasionally they wander off! Need able-bodied student to travel the lake and find lost boats and/or now-feral students.


8. Ministry of Magic Summer Internship

Warner Bros.

Attention! The application for our prestigious Ministry of Magic Summer Internship Program is now open! Send a cover letter and resumé, along with the enclosed application, by owl to the Student Intern Coordinator at the Ministry of Magic Headquarters in Whitehall, London.

Please list up to three bureaus and write a short paragraph for each explaining your background and interest.

Applicants must undergo a background and security check before being accepted to the program!

This internship is unpaid.

9. Cauldron Cleaner

Warner Bros.

You clean the cauldrons.


10. Crystal Ball Monitor

Warner Bros.

Greetings, dear students!

Now that the Dark Lord has returned, Professor Dumbledore has bid us cast ourselves INTO THE FUTURE in the interest of National Security! Join me on this JOURNEY into the beyond as we attempt to uncover the secrets that will foil He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

~Sybill 🔮

£4/Hr. Perks include free readings!

11. Owlery Maintenance

Warner Bros.

Owls are the most popular pets at Hogwarts! Help staff clean the Owlery and care for our feathered friends! Must love animals, not be grossed out by owl pellets.


12. Basilisk Corpse Disposal

Warner Bros.

Do you love rotting corpses? There's a giant dead snake deep within the castle and it's stinking up the whole place! Need student to help chop up serpent into smaller pieces so we can get it the hell out of there! TOO LONG HAVE WE SUFFERED!

Must be comfortable with: snakes, blood, death.

Prior remains disposal experience preferred. Fangs pose a danger to other students, you MAY NOT remove them from the site.


13. Triwizard Tournament: Extra Staff Needed

Warner Bros.

Show your school spirit! Your professors need student assistants in welcoming our guests to Hogwarts, as well as with logistical aspects of the tournament. Ideal candidate has knowledge of animals, can speak French or Bulgarian.

Due to the nature of the competition you must be able to conduct yourself with the utmost secrecy.

Compensation TBD.

14. Agile Gardener

Warner Bros. / Via

Need resilient student to help groundskeeper clear weeds from around the Whomping Willow.

Not for the faint of heart!


15. Bartender at The Three Broomsticks

Warner Bros.

Looking for responsible Hogwarts student to help out part-time at The Three Broomsticks! We don't really care about your grades, but you must be reliable and personable as you will be interacting with (drunk) patrons. Send us a resumé by owl and we can arrange a time to sit down over a butterbeer!


£3/hour plus tips.

16. Quidditch Pitch Concessions

SEEKING student to sell snacks at regular school Quidditch matches! This is literally the easiest job in the world, but remember: the game goes on until the snitch is caught, so you might be here for a while!


17. My Father Will Hear About This! (And Pay You)

Warner Bros.

Do my assignments. Get paid.

£11 - worksheet.

£22 - essay.

£33 - take-home exam.

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