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11 Dirty Habits We Need To Clean Up Right Now

Just STOP!!! Get clean with Irish Spring.

1. Snapping gratuitous gym selfies.

No one cares bruh.

2. Doing it for the Vine.

Superman that... (This is actually pretty cool too tbh just pls don't get hurt?)

3. Swiping right on everyone no matter what.


So many are guilty, so few are accountable.

4. Talking crap about your friend's favorite sports teams on social:

5. Taking self-love to an all-new level.



6. Hooking up with co-workers.


It might be steamy in the moment, but hope you like morning meetings served with a side of awkwardness.

7. Constantly checking your smartwatch.


*judging you*

8. Mansplaining.

But does it actually make sense??

9. Ghosting on someone you're dating instead of breaking up.


Have the balls to say goodbye.

10. Binge-watching to no avail.


Why don't you take it as a sign that you might need to go outside every once in a while?!

11. And sliding into people's DMs like:


No one wants you here!

Wash off those dirty habits with Irish Spring.

Irish Spring cleans a man up right!